About Nexus

What is Nexus?

Nexus is a repository of freely available (see license below) network data sets, to promote network science research and education. Real-world data is essential for the testing of hypotheses and the development of algorithms.

Ease of use

The principal aim of Nexus is make network data sets available with the least effort possible from the user. You can download data that is ready to use, in various formats. We also provide an API to allow importing data into your analysis software directly and possibly programmatically. Nexus is supported by the igraph network analysis library, that you can use in your Python, R or C/C++ programs.

We put an effort into carefully annotating the data sets and providing the most complete possible meta-information within the data set itself.


The different data sets are available under different licenses, please be sure to check the license of the particular data set you are using. In general, all data sets are available for non-commercial research and education purposes, provided you cite the appropriate publications in your papers using them. Many data sets are available for commercial use as well.

Donate data sets

A database without data is nothing. Please consider sharing your data sets to facilitate network science research. Not only will your donation help other researchers and students, but it will also promote reproducible research.

It is important, that if you donate your data, you still retain the ownership and copyright on it. Obviously, you can also decide on the terms of use for your data set.